SelimTezel Tech Expo


Escher's Impossible Cube by K. Lueck

Basketball by S. Talukdar

Slalom Skiing by T. Girdwood

2D Theo Jansen Horse by A. Wilson

3D Theo Jansen Horse by A. Wilson

Aquatic Life by J. Packman

Gymnastics by T. Winkelman

Sponge Bob Square Pants J. Kelliher

Chamelon to Dove Morphing by S. Tezel

Maestro to Musical Notes Morphing by Y. Murray

Skateboard Flip by J. Lindberg

Car Flip by N. Cassidy

Helicopter by J. Lueck

Cycloids- Square-Tired Bicycle by P. Chatfield

Kepler's Nested Polyhedra by A. J Casner

Solar System by B. Mirin

3D Flag Sculpture Museum by E. Mauer